About me and this blog

Hi there, nice to see you here! I appreciate your interest in my person, no matter if it’s for business, phylosophical or personal purposes. I come from an advanced IT and technical background and have amassed a wealth of information technology and project management skills.


I work closely with leaders and managers to enable them to realize alignments between technology and business strategy, by translating their needs into appropriate technical solutions.

My career to date has been both challenging and rewarding, yet I still have a desire to face new challenges with greater responsibility that will allow me to demonstrate my full potential.

Should you be seeking a high-achieving individual who can deliver real benefit to your company’s operations do not hesitate to contact me at jtouzi@gmail.com.

You can also have a look at my profiles on social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare and LinkedIn.

About this blog

I have a passion of learning technical and managerial skills and do knowledge sharing, debates, teaching or taking sessions on Technical and Managerial topics and this will help me/us learn more and keep me update. I wanted to share my knowledge to reach more audience and get feedback and comments and that’s the reason of starting this blog.